I'm the worst blogger

I really am, I have no idea how to make this personal, or what this blog is even about, I'm terrible at outfit posts since I almost always just wear yoga pants, I'm terrible at taking pictures on trips, I have no kids, or a boyfriend, the only thing I love is music an I don't even know how to write about that. LAME



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I'm blogging in a fog today, I went to the dentist this morning because a filling I had filled last week was sore, it hurt when I tried to eat on it and I have found out I have to get a root canal.... a root canal, ugh so not wanting that and on top of it all I have to wait a whole month for my appointment unless they have a cancellation, so they put me on some kind of antibiotics for the infection and some pain pills for you know the pain, so here I am writing in a fog, I'm not a huge fan of pain pills but I also love to eat.

To cheer myself up I have been check out the humor section of Pinterest,

I also have been watching some Sex and the City, which I didn't realize I had missed as much as I do.


A few of my favorite things.

Listening to: Krewella

Watching 'Movie': The Silver Linings Playbook

Watching 'Television': Nashville

Reading: A Million Suns by Beth Revis, Book 2 of Across the Universe.

Doing: Learning how to work out. I got a gym membership and have been finding awesome workout videos online.

Creating: Feather Headdresses

Feeling: Like I am over this cold, might need to move somewhere warm for awhile.

Tasting: Rice, sweet potato, dinosaur kale with nutritional yeast has been my go to food this week. I have also been making my own frozen coffee drinks lately I'll post my recipe soon.


Music Mondays

I love music, I'm pretty sure most people love music, today I thought I would share with you a really awesome band I just discovered they are called 'Open till Midnight" and the hail from NYC.  There Facebook calls them New York's best looking rock band, and says 

"Open Till Midnight is an American rock band formed in New York in 2008. The band currently comprises Matt Ballinger on vocals, Mike Cook on guitar, Ross Deutsch on guitar, Keith Gooberman on bass, and Zachary Eldridge on drums. During a time in music when indie-this and hipster-that try and reinvent the musical wheel, Open Till Midnight delivers a true to formula melodic sound that is one of the most polished and promising acts to come out of New York City."

I discovered them as a per accident, I was having a nostalgic walk down 'boyband' memory lane, do to my sorta re-obsession with boybands. The lead singer used to be in a boyband called Dreamstreet who also had Jesse McCartney as a member. 

A few of there songs are below. 'The Rain is my favorite at the moment.