Found this recently on a few blogs and decided to steal since I have been on a little post-block lately.

Currently Counting Down To:

Currently Laughing Over

Currently Finished Watching
The new 90210 episode.

Currently Concluding
That I'm not sure what love is anymore.

Currently Reading:
Home to Woefield by Susan Juby.

Currently Thinking:
 That I need to let go.

Currently Saving All My Pennies For
An I-pod because I can't work-out without one.

Currently Wanting To Travel To:
Anywhere Warm!

Currently Wanting on  my Make-up Table
Bare Minerals powder and bronzer.

Currently Wanting To Learn
how to stand up for myself better.

Currently Drooling Over
 Anyone who is Tan.

Currently Confessing:
 That I need to start working out.

Currently Listening To
the new Rihanna album on repeat especially "We found love".

Currently Obsessed With:
 Moving to Denver/Fort Collins area

Currently 1st Place Comedic Genius:

Currently Addicted To:
 Eating healthy and watching TV.

Currently Needing to Do: 
Look for a new job.

Currently Sad Because
I miss certain things.

Currently My Motto

Currently Dreaming Of
Moving out of the town I live in.

Currently Needing To
Leave my house.

Currently Yearning For

Currently Want To See In My Closet
Some new skirts and sandals.

Currently Enjoying:
 Veronica Mars

Currently Have A Girl Crush On


Currently Have A Boy Crush On:

Matt Lanter

Currently Shopping: Went to JC Penney today and bought these three shirts for $6 bucks each super cute right?

Currently Discovered:
 That I can't wait to go back to school.

Currently Creating
Friendship bracelets.

Currently Resolving
My life


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I was super tired last night and couldn't write or spell lol. What I tried to say was: I love the shit girls say videos, make me laugh every time. Good list : )
AHH! WAIT! and you don't even KNOW how much I LOVE V Mars and how devastated I was when that show got cancelled.