A Poem I wrote

Back in the beginning of 2009 a lot of random things were going on my life, I was a little lost and it took awhile and some new friends and some old ones to help me find myself. I wrote this to combine all that time.

calvin and hobbes

Broken Flowers like broken friendships
Torn apart by jealousy an lies
the love and kindness forgotten in drama of today, yesterday and tomorrow
the keg is half empty the 3rd of the night, people crowding around like its going to run out any minute.
She tattoos in the corner, images of Calvin and Hobbes for the memories of lost friends,
skiing accidents they are called, our loved ones taken from us in a moment one slip GONE!
we watch movies of our memories, as we make new ones with dance parties and fake Myspace pictures,
beer pong and broken cameras. we go on thrift store missions for our favorite gaper wear while sucking on jolly ranchers
a peace sign carved into our wrist is there really any peace?
couples making up and breaking up all around, a Love- Hate relationship,
and we wonder will it all end?


Violet Bella said...

did you see that you won the group giveaway? i havent received an email from you yet, so i thought id pop over here and let you know :) email me at violet_bella (at) hotmail (dot) com :)