a few of my favorite things

Something you should know about me, I love food and I love T.V its like I'm a couch potato at heart.

So I am currently watching.....   Gossip Girl.

Right now I'm trying to catch up on all the seasons I have missed I am currently on season 4. yay!

So of course my girl crush at the moment is Leighton Meester, she is just so beautiful and versatile, and can you believe she was born to a mom who was in prison, she has gotten through so much to be where she is now. I think she is amazing as Blair Waldorf, one of my favorite characters on T.V, you go girl!

I am currently eating lots of baked beans and mashed potatoes which is a delicious combo.

Bacon Baked  Beans... so delicious

Mashed Potatoes, best with sour cream and butter.

My current guy crush right now is Josh Hutcherson he is so young but so cute. He is best known for 'The Kids Are All Right' and will be starring in the much anticipated 'Hunger Games' coming in March. 

I am currently in love with old couples, you know the ones, they've been together forever, high school, college, in their 30's sweethearts, The ones who have a bundle of kids and grandchildren somewhere and are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, the ones who still love each other through everything, the ones who remind me of Allie and Noah. The ones like this....

I am currently listening to a few things lately, I am loving the band 'The Darkness' who are best know for their song 'I believe in a thing called love' but I am mostly loving this song which is called 'Hazel Eyes'.

I have hazel eyes which is probably why I like that there is a song about me.

I also love country music a lot so right now this is a new artist who spoke to my heart the other day with this cute little summer song called "Why Ya Wanna" by Jana Kramer.

So I have had my belly-button pierced for a very long time, I would say about 10 years, I love piercing and this one started that for me, I was 12 and wanted one super bad, my mom being the person that she is never wanted to control my choices as long as they weren't permanent, also I had to pay for it myself so I did and here I am 10 years later and I still love it. So now that it is gonna be summer soon I really want this belly ring so bad, but I have no idea where to find, if anyone knows email me. thanks :)

I am dreaming of these shoes for summer. from Delias I wear a size 6 if anyone wants to buy them.

So that is all today my friends have a great Thursday and wish me luck in this whole finding someone to take over my lease thing.....


Lorraine said...

You know, I wasn't sold on Josh but then I started watching him in interviews and HOLY ADORABLE. He is just so charming! I'll take one of him please, in case anyone wants to gift me a person.


bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

Here it is :) http://www.amazon.com/Dream-Catcher-Navel-Belly-Jewelry/dp/B0054RZWFW

jessica said...

beautiful list! I love alot of these things too!

Arielle said...

I started watching Gossip Girl a few weeks ago and I'm on season 3 now! I love it, it's like a soap opera for young people. That's crazy about her being born in prison!