7 Questions

Gentri over at getrilee blog started a 7 questions link-up last Tuesday but since my internet has been down I just got to it, she asks that you include a funny picture of yourself with your post so here goes....

1. If you could only eat savory or sweet things for the rest of your life, which would you choose- and why?
I would definitely choose savory food, I'm not a huge fan of things that are sweet usually. 
2. Would you rather live in the ocean (underwater), in the sky (on a cloud), or in space?
I would live in the sky, I love the wind the smell of air, and I'm not a huge fan of being underwater ever.

3. Desert, Mountains, Plains, or Tropics?
Mountains. always.

4. Would you rather live with chronic pain or the worst pain you can imagine for 24 hours?
I would rather live with the worst pain for 24 hours because then it is over and you never have to deal with it again and you can go on with your life.
5. If you had to repeat one of these again, which would it be? Preschool, Elementary, Jr High/ Middle School, High School, College.
I would choose College just because I would decide on a different path and major but truthfully none because I like where my life is heading now and that would change the path I am on.

6. Tribal, Floral, Stripes, or Polka Dots?
Tribal all the way stripes can be fun as well.

7. Are you right handed or left handed? 
right handed but growing up I always wished I was left handed weird huh?

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