Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Today is my mommy's birthday yay!!!! and here are some of my favorite photos of my mom through the years.

My mom and my grandma around 1967   
 Around 1971
My uncle, my grandma and my mom, 
Passport Photo 1972 
1982 Eilat Israel.

1989- My uncle, my mom and me as a itty bitty baby
Summer 2007- Nashville, TN

My mom......

Loves the color purple.
is an amazing cook
is one the best artists I know
is a survivor
is an amazing dancer and singer
has been to more Grateful Dead shows that anyone I've ever met.
has traveled the world by hitch-hiking.
loves the ocean
should have been a mermaid.......


Lorraine said...

Your mother and grandmother are gorgeous and look so much alike. Happy birthday mom!