I love...

1. freckles...on myself and others
2. making a new friend
3. anything to do with Harry Potter series/movies
4. talking to an old friend and realizing how much you missed them
5. organization (I'm terrible at this)
6. no longer caring what other people think.
7. good music to listen to.
8. drinking tea in the morning.
9. loving grandparents
10. realizing what you want in life and deciding to go for it.
11. letting go
12. being happy
13. jellyfishes
14. bangs (not sure if I could pull them off though)
15. nose rings (getting one this week)

so there are some things I love, I'll probably keep adding to it what are some things you love?


Eliza said...

This is such a great post to start the year with! xoxo, eliza