I never thought I wanted to homeschool any future children, mainly because I think I would be bad at it. I never liked homeschooling as a kid very much, but I think that was mostly because my mom didn't do that great of a job at it, which is not that big of a deal. But lately I've been thinking more and more about it and realizing how public school effects children and how materialism is even worse. I just finished a great book Trilogy about the Amish called The Rose Trilogy by Beverly Lewis and their is no way I would ever be that strict but it did show me that I want more simple-ism (probably not a real word) in my life and future children's life. I then was  on the mothering.com forum and found this thread A new answer to "why do you homeschool?" which talks about 1st graders not being allowed to talk about their boyfriends in class. This thread TERRIFIED me, at 6 I remember playing with my skip-it and wanting to watch Arthur and The Magic School Bus, these days it seems like all little girls want Justin Bieber perfume and i-pods. What has happened to our children's childhood? its like it has been stolen away by reality tv and pop princesses, what happened to dolls and play kitchens?

(Disclaimer) I know this is not all children but a majority from what I have seen lately.