Sunday Books

I have decided to start a Sunday book tradition every Sunday I will let you know about some books either, children, young adult, adult, or something for everyone. enjoy.....

I'm going to start with the Little House on the Prairie books the first one is called 'Little House in the Big Woods" as a child I loved these books for many years, I read them so many times that they were torn and ripped, I became obsessed with anything to do with this time period and even had my mom make me dresses and take me places that involved Laura Ingalls. These books are pretty much an autobiography about Laura Ingalls Wilder's Life. Lately I have seen a lot of people not wanting there children to read them because of the racism that is shown but I think you should trust your children enough to know that they will understand that it is wrong, plus it is always a good learning experience about what used to happen compared to now. These books taught me a lot as a child and helped me to get lost in another world. In this story Laura and her Family travel from Wisconsin to the mighty plains in a covered wagon, they become pioneers read as they experience Native American attacks, starvation, a new baby and marriage among many other things in this wonderful story, you can also check out the website for the books at http://www.littlehousebooks.com/.

Please go check out the first book from the library and fall in love with a family and a lifestyle.


Mary Ruth Gilliam said...

Smart series!! I'm always looking for new books to read!!