Sunday Books

The Story of the Root Children

Description:  The root children sleep underground all winter until Mother Earth awakens them, and they get to work sewing pretty new clothes for Spring.  The tiny flower children parade and frolic above earth as the seasons pass until Mother Earth beckons them back below ground for winter.
     This was one of my favorite books as a child, an is aged for children 4-8 years. I love the illustrations and the cute story, about how all winter long they wait inside sewing pretty clothes to wear. and sprucing up the beetles and ladybugs with pretty paint, waiting for mother nature to let them outside in the spring, a wonderful read for both children and parents, you will love reading this story, even over and over again.  
    You can buy this book at Amazon.com with your Swag Bucks, or check you local bookstore, if you would like to save trees or are not adding more books to your collection at this time please be sure to check your local library for this amazing book.
    Right now it is only $7.50 for the mini version on Nova Natural Toys