Are you a good candidate for a hospital birth?

I got this article off of Gloria Lemay's Birth Blog and I thought it was an interesting read.

Are you a good candidate for a hospital birth?

Must not be scared of needles.
Must not be claustrophobic or uncomfortable in confined spaces.
Must be able to go for long periods of time without eating or drinking.
Must be happy to share a bathroom with others.
Must enjoy sleeping on a mattress covered with plastic.
Must not have a rebellious or questioning nature.
Must accept the possibility of contracting antibiotic-resistant infections.
Must be confident with caregivers who are overtired and overworked.
Must realize that a limited amount of time can be spent in a hospital room before it is needed for the next patient.
Must like and trust electronic equipment.
Must be comfortable with cesarean rate of 30%.
Must accept that the mood of the nurse on duty will be a large determinant of the birth outcome.
Must realize that someone you have never met before will likely receive your baby.
Must realize that the written birth plan will be ignored.
Must be willing to have fluorescent lights turned on at all hours.
Must be capable of birthing without making loud noises.
Must look good in a flimsy blue gown that is open up the back.
Must be willing to be a teaching subject for student doctors who are learning to do pelvic exams, surgeries, and suturing.

So what do you think did you have a good hospital birth? were your needs met, did they listen to your birth plan? This is why I am scared to give birth someday in a hospital, and why I advocate as much as I do for home/birthing center births. I'm scared of all of this.


Mary Ruth Gilliam said...

I have had two excellent hospital births, at two different hospitals. One in Virginia and one in Tennessee; both were warm environments where I knew the people working there and felt safe and understood. It's important to research the location you choose to deliver, whether that's at a hospital or birthing center or even at home. Knowledge is power and every woman has the right to choose what kind of birthing experience they wish to have.

Of course, any time a pregnant woman asks my advice the #1 thing I tell them is to not plan on anything and expect everything. You can have the best laid birth plan ever known to man or beast, but you have to be willing to roll with the punches. It can all change in a split second and if you're not willing to adapt, you're doomed! One way or another, your baby will be born :)

sgrmse. said...

i lovelove your blog layout! and the `stache on your pic? TOO COOL. lol. think i'm 99.9% likely to adopt kids. my logic is why bring new life in the world when there's an abundance to choose/pick from?

Sarah said...

like your blog! This was an interesting read...and I was already scared to give birth lol. btw I'm also an HP fan and I don't know if I ever would have forgiven Rowling if she'd killed Ron off.

Sarah said...

I am your new follower!