People change. feelings change. 
it doesn't mean that the love 
once shared wasn't true and real.
 it simply just means that sometimes,
when people grow they grow apart.

-from one of my favorite movies 500 days of summer

I thought I would go a little personal today, last night a long relationship came to end, I'm not positive it is forever but at the moment its over, whether we are taking a break for good or forever I'm okay with it, we have been pushing ourselves to be okay in this relationship for awhile now and as much as I still love him, being in love isn't there anymore, we've tried working through it but it has become more pain then happiness lately, so as much as I am hurting today I am also rejoicing in this new found happiness I am feeling. so I'm going to sit here with avocado/coconut oil in my hair (I will let you know how it goes later) drinking my tea, and listening to The Civil Wars, dreaming of summer nights.......


Jessica Wray said...

That last picture and saying with Ron and Hermione is DARLING!

Anonymous said...

I love your obsession with Ron haha it cracks me up. Good luck with your new beginning and the end to your long relationship. Sometimes (even though we may not realize it at that time) it is for the very best. Seems like you already know that and are very strong. Everything will work out how it should.

Xo. Nicole