Rupert Grint

Something you may not know about me is that I am in love with Ronald Weasley from Harry Potter, I am in love with the character but the boy/man they ended up with to play him in the movies is just as amazing. I just recently found out that J.K Rowling wanted to kill Ron's character off midway through the series or maybe at the end of the 7th book, she ended up killing off one of the twins which was sad but not as sad as it would have been if my beloved ronnie would have died. so thank you J.K!

I absolutely cannot wait for Pottermore to open to the public 

who would want to kill off this adorable face?

I have a Pinterest board called The Ron Weasley Generation
I love this Ron Weasley tumblr 
and this blog about him over at geekout blogs

I discovered this gem of a video today where he plays a crazed fan in his friends music video.

I would love one of these shirts but am not able to find it anywhere.

so that is just the beginning of my HP obsession
 look forward to more posts about it in the future.

Listening  to  My Fathers's Father by The Civil Wars