7 Questions #3

Hey everyone its 7 Questions with Gentri Lee, and everyone else, 
you can check out her answers here, and link up with everyone else as well. 

here i am riding a segway at Wakarusa Music Festival!

1. You're given the choice between a life with love and trials or loneliness and ease. Pick one.
Love with trials. its how i am living my life at the moment

2. Would you rather live in Narnia, Hogwarts, Middle Earth, or Neverland?
Hogwarts for sure, everyone knows i love HP, would Ron be there?3. Think of your dream home... what style is it?
Rustic Farmhouse with a farm.4. What's currently your favorite song or album?
I have some many right now. these are a few of them.

5. Who was the last person you hugged?
My roommate6. You have a ticket in your hand, where is it going to take you?
Amsterdam, Sweden or Electric Forest music festival

7. Who is one blogger you KNOW you'd be BFF's with in real life?
 Nicole from made out of real things, we both love 90210 and hair. plus she's so adorable. 


Gentri said...

LOVE your answers! And I love that we both picked "Little Talks" as a favorite song. :) Such a good one!

Courtney B said...

LOVE your answers!
Hogwarts all the way :)
LOVE your new blog layout!