I would like to DIY this.

You may not know this about me but I am obsessed with Unicorns, I love how they poop glitter and have beautiful horns, I also love Narwhals because they are the unicorns of the sea. Even better than regular Unicorns are Unicorn/Pegasus Hybrids, Unicorns with Wings, so in honor of my obsession. 
I want to make this jacket but a little different maybe not so much color.

source unknown/help me out if you know the origin

What I will need to complete this project.

1. A shirt along the lines of this

2. A Jean Jacket any kind (now I'm wishing I hadn't gotten rid of mine from high school)

3. And last but not least a Bedazzler

So dear thrift store gods please hear my wishes of finding all of these items for my DIY project. 

love shaina