Hunger Games Mania

I saw it I saw it.... I went last night with my roommate Ashley and our awesome neighbors who are the ones that took us, and it was amazing.... I thought they did a wonderful job for a movie, I didn't dress up or take any pictures because it was a last minute affair but I still had a wonderful time.... I did walk away with one awesome thing though this Hunger Games cup! yes that is me hiding in the back round, I haven't brushed my hair today or put on any makeup so I decided to hide behind the super cool cup that I plan on drinking everything I can out of for the next few days.

Now I thought I would share with you some of my favorite Hunger Games items I have found on pinterest lately. 

Literally Laughed out loud.

Look who joined the Career Alliance

Am I allowed to be in love with all three of them?

I pretty much fell in love with Cato during the movie, not only was he super hot but I felt bad for him and the other tributes, I'm glad nobody cheered in my theatre when they died because I think it was extremely sad even though they were super mean and vicious they were just children, children who were trained their whole lives to die one day in The Hunger Games, children who didn't have a choice.

I also read this article today and it really sickened me that people like this exist and tweet about.  If you have the time take a moment and read.


Anonymous said...

haha is Liam actually wearing that sweatshirt? Awesome. A few people in my theater clapped when Cato died, it made me really sad and like the totally missed a huge point of the story!

Lorraine said...

The people in my theater straight out cheered when Cato died. I was so upset. But anyways, all these pictures are great. And all the hot guys in the movie? Yes. Is it weird that I was attracted to Seneca's beard? 'Cause I was.

Glad you liked it. :)